If you are ordering online with us, there are two ways to do it.
1) You can use our shipping address in the USA or UK when paying for your items using your own bank card. This is the ideal option for when you have your own account set up on shopping sites. The USA address would be:  
Your Name,

Phone Number 

236 Derby Ave 

Derby, CT 06418 USA

When ordering from the UK (on your own), here is the address to use for shipping.

Your Name, Your Phone Number

Address Line 1: Parkfield Business Center 

Town/City: Stafford

County: Staffordshire

Postal Code: ST174AL

United Kingdom

+44 754 332 0802

This is the quicker option and the one we recommend you use.

2) If you want us to make the order for you, you can send us the link of the item but with this process we add the service charge at 15% of the item value and then we can give you an estimate of the total cost 


purchasing price

processing fee 

We have also attached our rates below for you to review. Just so you know, we have fixed rates for certain items such as cellphones, jewelry and others so if there is something specific you would like to ship and you are unsure of the estimated cost of shipping an item, you can let us know here and we can provide you with an estimate.

Lusaka 097 9993338

Kitwe 0973100867